Welcome to the Conspiracy!

Greetings minions and fellow people of science, Professor Maximilian Synaptic here. I've recently returned from La grande Exposition Scienfique in Paris where, using the scientifically verified power of Superliminal Suggestion, I imparted my wisdom to many potential allies and minions. Our cause grows ever stronger, and world domination is only a matter of time. Unfortunately, many of you did not benefit from the full measure of my genius while attending that conference, so I am providing it here.

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If you found your way here via an email from the Minion Harvester Mailing List... Brilliant! You are among good company and will be assured an important place in my eventual despotic empire as well as occasional updates when I release a new book or video game (hey, even a world conquering genius needs his hobbies). As a reward for joining the conspiracy, help yourself to a free copy of Devious Origins, an e-book about a different sort of superhero.

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And if you appreciate my wisdom, please share this page with your friends. I'll be updating it periodically with new Mad Scientist Wisdom and descriptions of my various projects. The very first will be a detailed look at how I made my Superliminal Suggestion Backpack that I wore at Teslacon, including source-code and detailed pictures of the physical build.

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